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                    No Better Place
Steven Curtis Chapman
CD: Greatest Hits
c)Sparrow Song
TAbbed by Steve Cruickshank

Capo on 1
Intro: C      Dm Em   F G C
C                         G                         Dm Em F G
Well I was eight years old when I decided to follow Jesus
C                       G                            Dm            Em
I started down that road, somebody told me that this path leads to heaven
F                           Am
They say it will not be the easy way
F                       Em             Dm
Well I found that to be true, oh but I also found
F       G
I found out there's

C  G               Am             F                  C
No better place on earth than the road that leads to heaven
G                  Dm Em F  G
No other place I'd rather be
C  G               Am             Bb        C        F
No better place on earth than the road that leads to heaven
No better place to be

Verse 2:
Now I know this road has a final destination
But I also know that if we're only looking for the prize that's waiting
We'll miss so much along the way
Cause Jesus came to bring us life in the here and now
And to show us that there's
F           Em             Dm         F        G   Bb C
I know this path we travel on is very straight and narrow
F                Em          Dm
I've looked down other roads along the way
F                                          G
And from all I've seen I can say without a doubt there's                    

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