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Steven Curtis Chapman
Copyright 1999 Sparrow Song/Peach Hill Songs/BMI
Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing

tabbed by Drew McGinnis

Hey everyone,

SCC plays a Dobro on this song which helps give the acoustic part that
deep sound with a lot of attack.  It is also tuned down 1/2 step.

Chords (in no particular order):

  Ebii	B*	  Db*     Bb	C	  Ab	    Gb	Eb	 Bb*
                                         (see note)      

* = no 3rd

NOTE: play the Ab note (index finger, 5th fret, low Eb string) only during
the main chord riff.  During the chorus, mute that string as on the Bb chord.
And, if you don't want to mute it, its obviously not that big a deal.  Just
have fun.

There is no acoustic in the intro, but if you want, you can play Ebii.

Main Chord-Riff:
Ab	Gb	Eb
Ab	Gb	B*


B*	Db*	B*	
Db*	B*
Db*	Ebii
Ab      Gb      B*

B*	Db*	B*	
Db*	B*
B*	Bb*     Ebii


Ebii	Bb    C	   Ab	  Bb	 Ebii
Bb      C     Ab   Bb	  Ebii
Bb	C     Ab   Bb	  B*
Db*		    Ebii

main chord riff from above

Verse 2, same chords as verse 1

After chorus, Acousitc solo:
(lots of muting, lots of attack, lots of sneaky fills)

	v v   left hand muting               v v  v ^  v
Eb----x-x------etc. here-------------------x-x--0-0--0---

Fills and rhythms above are approximate.  Play through 4 times.

Follow last measure with main chord riff (2 times through, watch the timing).

Chorus until the end.

Questions and comments?  Feel free to e-mail me at the address above.

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